Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Best DSLR Camera for Travellers in 2019

For Travellers there is always queries about which DSLR Camera should be perfect for travelling. As the camera must be easy to hold and should be light weighted, so it would take better photos and videos. As in my opinion the Canon EOS 200D will suit for travel photography and for shooting short movies. As the Canon EOS 200D was launched on 28 June 2017, so it has all the new features that the newly DSLR have. The DSLR weights only 445 gram which is quite light and easy to hold. The Camera can be operated from button as well as from LCD screen and it can be operated on soft finger and it has very smooth touch screen. 
The Canon 200D has almost all types of mode dial such as:

Basic Zone: all you do is press the shutter button. The Camera sets everything to suit the subject or scene for shooting. It has three modes:
* Scene Intelligent Auto(A+).
* Flash Off.
* Creative Auto.

SCN: Special Scene. It has many special modes depending on scene. The modes are:
* Portrait.
* Group Photo.                                                                                 
* Landscape.
* Sports.
* Kids.
* Close Up.
* Food.
* Candlelight.
* Night Portrait.
*  Handheld Night Scene.
* HDR Backlight Control.

Creative Filters:
* Grainy B/W.
* Soft Focus.
* Fish Eye effect.
* Water Painting effect.
 * Toy Camera effect.
 * Miniature effect. 
 * HDR art standared.
 * HDR art vivid.
 * HDR art bold.
 * HDR art embossed.

Creative Zones:
 * Program AE (P).
 * Shutter Priority AE (Tv).
 * Aperture Priority AE (Av).
 * Manual Exposure (M).

How to operate the Camera with touch screen:
 * Use your finger to tap on ( touch briefly and then remove your finger from) the LCD Monitor.
 * By tapping you can select menus, icons,etc. displayed on the LCD.

You can also shoot the photos from LCD Monitor by pressing the video start button on the top.
The flash light of Canon 200D is not so good but it can take shots in low light. The durability of the battery is good you can take upto 500-600 photos after full charging.The life of an Canon 200D is 7-10 years and it takes approx 50,000 photos.Canon EOS 200D is much affordable DSLR as its price is not so high. It will be best DSLR for beginners and its functions are quite easy to operate.

Canon EOS 200D Camera Specification:

  •  * Image processor DIGIC 7

 * AF points 9 (1 cross type)
 * ISO range 100-25,600 (51,200 exp)
 * Max image size 6,000*4,000
 * Metering zones 63
 * HD Video 1080p at 60 and 50fps
 * Viewfinder pentamirror, 95%
 * Memory Card SD/SDHC/SDXC( inc. UHS-1)
 * LCD 3-inch vari-angle touchscreen, 14040K dots
 * Max burst 5fps (6 Raw/unlimited JPEG)
 * Connectivity Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
 * Size 122*93*70 mm
 * Weight 445g   
So for Travellers i would recommend Canon EOS 200D is best.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

The unseen Beautiful temple of lord Shiva in Varanasi, India

Varanasi is known as the oldest city of the world. It is mostly famous for temples and ghats.this city is mainly famous for the lord Shiva and it is the oldest rituals of Hinduism. Most of the Hindu people believes that they will get Moksha( salvation) by worshiping in temples and taking bath at the bank of river ganga.there are many other names of Varanasi such as Benaras, Kashi, Banaras, Avimukta and Anandavan. Its name Varanasi is named by the two rivers flowing between the city, one is Varuna and another is Assi(Varuna+assi = Varanasi ). it was believed that lord Shiva lived at Kashi in past history. There is a day known as Mahashivratri, it is the day of lord Shiva which comes in the month of Febraury and at on that day there is rituals of lord Shiva and the Hindus celebrate it by visiting of Varanasi. The picture of temple shown here is made up of the structure of Shivling( shrine of lord shiva).

LOCATION: it is located half an kilometer from Assi ghat,Varanasi. 

which shooting mode is best for canon eos camera for all type of photography

when comes to the best shooting mode in canon camera's then there are many modes in canon cameras which will shoot best pictures of the respective modes. as in my opinion the one shooting mode which will give the best pictures automatically and without changing the setting in mode is the A+ mode(scene intelligent auto) . in this mode the camera analyzes the scene and sets the optimum settings automatically. it can also adjust focus automatically on either the still or moving subject by detecting the motion of the subject. this mode adjust brightness automatically of darker and brighter into moderate.
This mode is very well enhanced and the canon company has just made it more advanced then other dslr camera. you can also shoot in day or in night as it will auto adjust the scene and you have to not change any type of settings in it.
you should follow these steps to shoot picture:
*set the mode dial to <A+>.
*aim the autofocus point over the subject.
*focus on the subject.
*take the pictures by pressing shutter button.

Monday, 17 June 2019

the best time to shoot 'portaits' that you should must know about./ pro timing for shoots- 2019

ther is generally two timings for shooting portraits. many of the models shoot in the morning after the sunrise between 6:00 am to 7:am and in evening the best timing is before sunset which is 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm which is probably best for shooting portraits as the natural sunlight coming at this time is light yellowish which gives a glamour glow on the skin and increases natural saturation of the background. it also intensify the photo and sharpens the image.

when you will shoot at this time you can see that the photos looks more attractive and there will be no need to edit it as the photo will look edited . 

Sunday, 16 June 2019

some of the best places in ;coorg' karnataka in 2019-20

abbey falls, coorg, karnataka.

abbey falls also known as abbi falls, is located 10 kilometers away from the town of madikeri and is one of the tourist attractions in coorg. it is also famous amongs the photographers. the water cascade is coming from a height of 70 feets which makes it more attractive. 
mandalpatti trek/ view point
mandalpatti is situated 4 kilometers before abbey falls.
the feel you will get here is just amazing when the clouds touches the body it feels like heaven. the best time to visit here is from may to june.   

raja's seat,coorg
it is a garden with beautiful flowers and trees and artificial fountains, is located in madikeri coorg.
it is the favorite place of the king of kodagu. he spent sunset there with her queen and spent some memorable time.even today the view of sunset is breathtaking and the view point of mountains  will make your mood.    

raja's seat madikeri, coorg
brahmagiri trek coorg, karnataka
the brahmagiri trek is a delight with its myriad offerings. the route traverse lush forests,green grasslands and many small stream rivers.
it is situated between the border of wayanad in kerala and kodagu district karnataka.

brahmagiri trek coorg,karnataka.

brahmagiri trek coorg,karnataka.

golden temple namdroling monastery,coorg karnataka.
famous bell in the goldend temple ccorg karnatak.

the beauty of golden temple(namdroling nomastery) in coorg karnataka.

pictured here is a namdroling nomastery situated 35 kms from coorg. it is termed as golden temple because the namdroling monastery is made up of gold and the architecture and artwork here is of tibetan.  

Saturday, 15 June 2019

two simple tips for shooting group photos in wedding or other occasions

there are various problems while shooting group photos on various occasions due to various person have to give pose at a single photo and it might be difficult to shoot good group photos.while some people will not be coming in frame and there should not be gap between the people. the group photos must be in a correct frame so that all the person come into the photos. here are two shooting tips that will definitely enhance the group photos:

* use a wide-angle lens
   when using a zoom lens, use a wide-angle lens end to make it easy to get all the people in the group
    in focus at once, from the front row to the back. also, if you place a little distance between camera and subject the focus range increases in depth.

* take multiple shots of the group
    it is recommended to shoot multiple photos in case some people close their eyes and their postures are also in incorrect ways. 

Saturday, 8 June 2019

how to shoot best portraits

* select the location where the distance between subject and background is the farthest .
   the more the distance between subject and background,the more blurred the background will look.

* use a telephoto lens.
   if you have a zoom lens, use the telephoto end to fill the frame with the subject from the waist up. move in closer as necessary.

* focus on the face.
   check that the auto focus point covering the face lights up.for close-ups of the face, focus on the eyes. 

Thursday, 6 June 2019

how to prevent camera shake

hand-held camera movement during the momont of exposure is called camera shake.it can cause blurred pictures.to prevent camera shake do these things:
* hold and steady the camera with one hand and hold firmly lens with another hand.
* press the shutter button halfway to auto focus,then slowly press the shutter button completely.

which camera holding position is better for shooting vertical or horizontal

these two positions are different for different shooting.for example, if you are shooting landscape or scene then horizontal shooting is good as it will cover wider range and if you want to shoot portrait of a person or bird photography then you can prefer vertical shooting. also vertical shooting will create more bookeh to your image as horizontal

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

sunrise at varanasi ghat 2019

                                               Pictured here is a portrait shot in varanasi.
                                 it is worldwide famous for its morning view(subah-e-banaras)

best scene at the varanasi ghat of boats 2019

                                      pictured here is portrait of boats in river ganga varanasi.
                              it is just before the sunrise,the yellowish light makes it more perfect.

Friday, 24 May 2019

portrait of aghori baba in varanasi ghat

                                                pictured here is a aghori baba of varanasi.
                                    smokes are coming behind him which makes it beautiful.